Business Continuity Management

Fire Hydrants
Preparation, readiness and resilience are characteristics of successful organisations and Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a holistic program designed to ensure that UNSW can return to normal business operations as quickly and effectively as possible after a serious disruptive incident. BCM recognizes that UNSW and its activities rely on a set of common resources to carry on its operations.  These resources are Building, Equipment, Technology, Human Resources, and Third Parties (e.g. suppliers, service providers and collaborators).  If one or more of these resources are not available due to a disruptive event, there may be some levels of impact to UNSW and its individual business processes.

Our approach to BCM is to identify the risks which could impact on these resources, the critical business processes which are dependent on these resources, and develop action plans to minimise the negative effect of a disruption. This includes the allocation of roles and responsibilities to provide a structured approach in the event of a disruption and also clearly defines how BCM fits in with other disruption responses such as critical incident and emergency management, pandemic plan, stakeholder communications and IT Disaster Recovery.